Anatoly Emma

Branch Leader

Anatoly Emma was born Odessa, Ukraine, in 1976. Odessa is a large seaport city which at one time had a Jewish population of approximately 300,000. Anatoly came to believe in Jesus as his Messiah in 1993 and was actively involved in the church he began to attend. For two years he was part of a group that worked in the hospitals for drug addicts, alcoholics, TB and venereologic patients. In 1995, the Lord called him and another brother to start a new church in Odessa, and up to 1999, he was ministering in this new congregation. Then, in 1999, the Lord called Anatoly to start ministering to his Jewish people, and he joined the Jews for Jesus ministry. For the last two years, Anatoly has been the leader of the Kiev branch of Jews for Jesus. He and his wife Olga have two little children, Elizabeth and Christina.

Olga Emma

I am Olga Emma. I was born in 1978 in a small village of Marianovka, Odessa region, Ukraine. I lost my parents when I was 4 and was sent to live in an orphanage. When I was 11, I met some believers from whom I learned that God loved me. When I was 13, these believers took me into their home, and at 16, I was baptized in the church. That year, I went to work at a Christian bookstore, where I first heard about Jews for Jesus and also met my future husband, Anatoli. I volunteered for Jews for Jesus since 1999, and then joined the staff as a missionary. I am very glad that both my husband and I work together with Jews for Jesus for the salvation of the Jewish people!

Natasha Krouter

Outreach Worker

I was born in Kazan, Russia, in 1971. In 1993 I became a believer and met Jews for Jesus. In 1994 I participated in Moscow campaign. After my second campaign I joined the ministry, where I met my husband, Leonid. Together we were members of the music team called Messiah’s Shofar for a year and a half. Then, in 1998, we moved to Kiev, Ukraine, and still serve here. We have three children: Michael, Dina and Eugenia.

Alexander Vasserman

Outreach Worker

Alexander Vasserman works for Jews for Jesus

Irina Volodarska

Missionary, Publications Director

Irina Volodarska was born in Kiev, Ukraine. Like most Jews in the Soviet Union, her parents were atheists. But, by God’s grace, Irina came to know Jesus as her Messiah at age fifteen. She served in several different ministries, focusing on translation of Christian literature and work with disabled children. For several years, Irina did translation work for Jews for Jesus. In 2000, she joined Jews for Jesus in Kiev as the publications director.