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I Worked at a Hospital. Here’s Why Handwashing is More Than Hygiene.

I had not even considered including God in my recently obsessive hand washing ritual. Pesach is a great reminder that this can be a beautiful spiritual practice.

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How to Handle the Virus of Fear

We interrupt your hand-washing to remind you of two things: first, God is still God, and secondly, hysteria can be even more dangerous than the virus...

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What we do in 18 cities around the world:

Raise awareness of Jesus
as the Jewish Messiah

Because every Jewish person has the right to make up their own mind about Jesus

Facilitate Jewish

Because faith in Jesus is a viable and thriving expression of Jewish life

Provide spiritual care
and local services

Because loving our neighbors is what being Jewish and for Jesus is all about

How can we serve you?

Have you met the real Jesus?

Some of the popular ideas about Jesus that we’re familiar with today don’t remotely capture what the original biographies of his life tell us about him.

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Our Stories

“It was at that moment I remembered tearing Jews for Jesus posters off of a telephone pole years before. I had told my friend these people were liars, that you can’t be Jewish and believe in Jesus.”

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“I was spiritually dry, and found myself seeking answers in an Orthodox Yeshivah. Within eight or nine months, I was completely fed up and confused. I left feeling empty. The God I had once believed in seemed far away, if He even existed.”

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“I felt I hadn’t found what I was looking for. Something was wrong. I thought that if I could find a combination of New Age and Judaism, my search would be over.”

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“I realized that Jesus had never been anything else but a Jew, and I accepted Him into my life. Today I am very outspoken about my faith. After surviving Auschwitz, what do I have to lose?”

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“Jewish faith in Jesus was handed down from generation to generation on both sides of my family, so my parents are Jewish Iranian believers in Jesus.”

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